Lead the change anchored in purpose & action

Leadership trainings enabling you to apply new tools & mindsets right away!
Highly interactive approach to engage you on emotional and cognitive levels
Adaptive Leadership, Adult Development, Community Organizing, Systems Thinking
World-class trainers/consultants with practical and theoretical knowledge
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LeadUp is a self-paced micro-learning platform
that enables you to learn powerful leadership frameworks in an easy-to-understand, easy-to-apply, and interactive way. We want to scale up leadership development to reach millions, regardless of their socio-economic status
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We are a world-wide community & a movement for democratizing leadership, bringing innovative approaches in change management & leadership development

We’re focused on people

Our mission is to empower individuals and organizations to reach their full potential, regardless of their socio-economic status
We develop democratic leaders who know how to activate potential of their people, organizations and communities.

...and we believe in taking action

Tacit Learning is the highest mode of learning. We enable you to start taking action during the programs/sessions we design. You export the learning right away into the real world.
"Tacit Learning" method we use makes our workshops very interactive, engaging both cognitive and emotional.  Learning in action enable you to apply learned right away!

What we can do together

Leadership development and trainings

We develop your in-house programs and deliver trainings for organizations and activists/community organizers. Online and in-person. We help you build capacity by using the newest approaches and Tacit Learning (action-learning) pedagogy, anchored in practice, research and science.
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Leadership coaching

One on one and team coaching with ICF certified professionals. Our coaching is a anchored in proven frameworks, such as Adult Development, Adaptive Leadership, Co-active coaching, and more.
Meet our professional coaching partner: Sharpist
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Organizational development

We want to help you build a distributed leadership organization where each individual feels empowered to do their part,
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Change management

Develop organizational culture that embraces change as a counties process to reach you goals in dynamic world.
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Pro-bono work

We are always looking for ways to support underserved individuals and communities. We want to be able to support individuals, organizations and communities to develop, regardless of their socio-economic status.
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Citizen & stakeholder engagement

We work with the private, government, social sectors and activists to help them include their stakeholders in a meaningful way to increase mutual capacities and drive change.
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Our work revolves around:

Scaling up leadership development

How do we scale up high-quality leadership development to help millions reach their full potential and collaborate?

Integrating technologies and leadership development

How can we use the latest technology, play, simulations, and experiential learning to help people improve their tacit/procedural knowledge?

Integrating existing leadership frameworks

How can we integrate Community Organizing, Systems Thinking, Adaptive Leadership, and Adult Development frameworks into a new powerful Leadership Development framework?

A community of experts, educators, activists and practitioners

Publications from our team

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